Nova UAC-P 2500W

Emergency Lighting Power Supply - Pure Sine Wave

The Nova UAC-P 2500W is a larger emergency lighting power supply than the classic Nova UAC-P. The Nova UAC-P 2500W allows standard lighting to also be used as Emergency Lighting. The Nova UAC-P 2500 will transfer up to 2500W of true sine wave power in the event of a power failure to support egress lighting for 30 minutes.

As with the standard Nova UAC, the Nova UAC-P 2500W is suited for LED, compact fluorescent, fluorescent or incandescent light fixtures. The Nova UAC-P is an IPS system with a transfer time of only 10 milliseconds.

In the event of a power failure, the Nova UAC automatically outputs 120VAC emergency power. There is a user selectable normally on or off operation.