The Pluraluce® Family

The Pluraluce® is a revolutionary concept in emergency lighting. The minimalist design is the perfect embodiment of simplicity and style without sacrificing performance. Beghelli is changing the perception of Emergency Lighting.

Available for either recessed or surface mounting. The minimal size of Pluraluce® and optional finishes blend seamlessly with any décor. Also available with a NEMA 4X rating for protection against moisture, dust and corrosion.

By incorporating high-output LEDs and perfecting the optical design of the lenses, we have achieved a reduction in the number of units required in the space. The choice of 3 lenses, each providing a unique distribution pattern, radically changes the coverage of the illuminated area of egress.

IES Innovation Award Winner

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Pluraluce® Recessed Unit
Pluraluce® Surface Unit
Pluraluce® WP NEMA 4X Unit
Pluraluce® HZ Unit
Pluraluce® Recessed Remote
Pluraluce® Surface Remote
Pluraluce® WP NEMA 4X Remote
Pluraluce® HZ Remote